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Laptop & business backpack
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Laptop & business backpack


Quality and original laptop & business backpack now available in grey color in Pakistan. Its unique design, spacious interior & multipurpose features makes it one of the best backpacks in pakistan

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If you are looking for a good looking bag which can carry your laptop and other accessories or notebooks and dresses, then this laptop & business backpack bag is for you. You wont find such bags in Pakistan easily because we try to import good quality and beautiful looking bags for our Pakistani customers.

It can fit laptop, chargers, stationary materials and even dresses for your travelling purpose. This bag can also be used as a business bag as it has separate compartment and pockets for your business related products such as files pens or keychains etc.

Business backpack has 2 compartments. 1 compartment is for laptop or dresses and 2nd one is for other necessary items such as headphones, chargers, powerbank, mobile phone etc.

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