Laptop Built-in Lock Backpack
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  • 2018-Mark-Ryden-Nouveau-Anti-voleur-USB-Recharge-Hommes-Sac-Dos-SANS-Cl-TSA-Serrure-Conception
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Laptop Built-in Lock Backpack

Original & beautiful minimal backpack which can fit upto 17″ laptop, built-in lock and water resistant like features make it one of the best backpack in Pakistan


Quality laptop backpack now available in Pakistan for the first time. Its unique feature, quality design and minimal layout makes it a unique bag.

Anti-theft Design
Multi layer Pockets
White Repellent Fabric
USB Charging Port
One of its most important feature is its lock feature, which let you keep your important files, documents, laptop or other accessories safe & secure

Front black portion: PU leather
Sides: Oxford

Rs 2999 (we are giving this bag in extremely low price for our Pakistani audience as we want our members to have quality backpacks in discounted rates).

Grey | Black

Free delivery all over Pakistan & cash on delivery

Laptop Size

Fits up to 17inches Laptop

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Black, Grey


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