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Laptop Convertible Backpack (AT04)
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Laptop Convertible Backpack (AT04)

Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)

Rated 4.88 out of 5

If you are looking for a quality & unique laptop & travel backpack and a bag which can be used for any other purpose, then this backpack is for you. It can be opened from both sides, it has convertible features, water resistant material and quality material makes it a top notch backpack


Backpack In Pakistan

For the first time, in Pakistan, Eleven brings you the most tremendous and intelligent quality Backpack for you Yes Friends, It’s only The Eleven who can bring such Amazing and Quality Backpacks for its customers.

So the Backpack we are talking about Self-esteem itself is an example. This is a Convertible Laptop Backpack The Convertible Mean that you can also wear this as a shoulder backpack to the bedside and you can also use it as a Professional Handbag.

This is just for those who want to look different and professional in every aspect. There are many features in this Backpack that I can not even tell you but I will try That I can tell you all the features of this Bag.

So let’s start with the color of this Bag, This professional Backpack is available only in black and Grey Color Respectively.

We saw that most bags don’t have a strong structure.

but this bag has a very Strong structure. There are too many compartments inside this Backpack. If we talk about the internal parts of this bag So it has a Big inner compartment in which you can keep your books and clothes as well Inside this big compartment there is a laptop Section where you can place your laptop.

Anti Scratch Feature

Often you have seen when we keep our laptops in the backpack, So many scratches comes on it, The main reason is that they are made of a poor quality cloth And that’s why a lot of scratches get over of your laptop So keeping the same thing in front of you, we have made the laptop compartment with very good and quality material to keep your laptop safe from external shocks and scratches.

Foam is placed inside the section of the laptop And because of this foam your laptop is perfectly safe and secure, No matter how much rough you use this bag, your laptop will be perfectly safe inside. A mobile section is also built with this laptop section. Whatever you have a mobile phone such as iPhone, Samsung etc you can keep it safe here.

Apart from laptops mobile and books, you have your own accessories pouch inside the inner compartments where you can keep your mobile charger and other accessories in this section. The backpack has also a USB Charging Port, We have made a separate Compartment for the USB port, Where you can place your mobile power bank
So, friends, these were the internal features of this Bag. So now we will talk about the external Section of this backpack

A small section is made in front of this bag in which you can keep your stuff And as well as it has a Section on the left side of the bank Similarly, this bag has a secret compartment for files where you can keep your file completely safe and secure.

Convertible Feature

Due to more luggage space in this backpack, the Strippers has been made with the strong quality material, so You can lift your bag easily So these were the features of this bag. But the biggest feature of this bag is that it is a convertible backpack. If you have to move around with friends somewhere So you can certainly convert this bag into a backpack.

This laptop anti-theft backpack is one kind of a bag. It is minimal, unique in approach & can be used as a multipurpose bag. If you are planning for a business trip, make it a shoulder/handbag, or for hiking, use it as a travel backpack.

It can fit up to 16″ laptop easily. Its internal compartment and several pockets make it quite a useful backpack. You can place stationary, keychain, mobile, power bank laptop and other daily use things in this antitheft backpack easily.


Grey | Black


Free delivery all over Pakistan & cash on delivery.

Laptop Size

Fits up to 17inches Laptop


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Rated 5 out of 5
I want to buy this bag.. But i couldn't find any Button to place my order can you help me
Sure. We have it in grey color. 1 last piece left, so now you can buy it before these are gone :)
Daanish Malik
Rated 5 out of 5
Rated 4 out of 5
Good qulity
Rated 5 out of 5
Is this bag AT-04 available in black color?
Hello. Yes few pcs are left in black. We have just updated our stock, you can now place order for black color via our website or call/whatsapp: 03428131511
Haris khan
Rated 5 out of 5
Sir black color is available?
Yes available
Muhammad usman
Rated 5 out of 5
Please Tell me Black Color is Available
Yes it is available now
Salman Ali
Rated 5 out of 5
Good quality
Hina khan
Rated 5 out of 5
Your bag was really great n delivered on time.. thanks
Glad you liked it Hina. We will try to bring more awesome bags for you guys in near future IA

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