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Power Bank with Prices

Power Bank with Prices
July 14, 2018 Ameer Hamza
In Power Banks
Power bank price

Best Power Bank with Price.

When it comes to Mobile Charging, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about Best Power Bank, in Pakistan. This Article will show you how to get Power Bank with Price along with the specifications.

Today I am Gonna Show you how to get Best Power Bank & also Power Bank Prices in Pakistan, from Online Stores along with  specifications. I received too many emails from my subscribers and they were telling me about Power banks.

Best Power Bank    best_power_bank_2

They said Currently everyone needs it, but they are Confused to buy best power bank because nowadays many websites are offering Power banks with High Price but the fact is that it’s totally different when you buy Something online but can’t get your desired thing because of a low-quality product.

Power bank with Price in Pakistan

1. Wireless + Wired 5,000 mAh

Power Bank Price: 2499 Only

Capacity: 5,000 MAH.

buy power bank 5000 mAh

2. Romoss R 20,000 mAh

Power Bank Price: 2699 Only

Capacity: 20,000 MAH.

buy power bank 20000 mAh

3. Morui 20,000 mAh (Fast Charging)

Price: 3299 Only

Capacity: 20,000 MAH.

buy power bank 20000 mAh

First Experience with Online Shopping

A few years ago mostly peoples never trusted online shopping and the reason is very clear.

Let me explain to you that reason via Example. A few years ago I was looking for Quality Power bank with price, but I can’t find those in the Local Market, I was very upset because the product I wanted was not available in Outlets.

So I decided to search those power banks with price & Specifications. the next day I opened my laptop and I start browsing, My first channel was Facebook because at that time mostly Retailers or Suppliers use Facebook as a selling Media. After a long search finally, I found my desired Asus 10,000 mAh.

I was very happy because I finally found my Favorite & Best Power bank with the Price . The Pictures and Description about that product were very Great and to the point but the price was literally High because I had a low Budget for that.

But I really wanted it so I borrowed some money from my dad. So now that I had money I suddenly Place an order on their Website. Within a few hours of placing my order, I received a Confirmation from their Customer Support.

Their team confirmed my address and said that your product will be dispatched today and deliver to you within 2 -3 Business days. After 1 day I received my Order Through TCS Courier Service.

That was Extremely Fast Delivery from them, I cannot disclose that Website on my blog but I must say that their Services were very Good and Fast, also the best part of their business is that they were Offering Free Home Delivery All Across Country.


so finally I Paid 2499 PKR To A Courier Boy and got my product.

Trust me, it was my first experience with Online Shopping. So now I received the Product it was time to Open it, I opened the Box and I got Shocked when I saw their Packing, Believe me Friends the packing was very bad but anyhow it was a not a big deal because I was looking for the Product, not the Packing Box.(heheheh).

When I unboxed it, I found that it was totally different from the product which I ordered on their website, meaning the name was Same but the Quality of the Bank was very Cheap..

Fake Product

I thought that I was ordering the Original but Unfortunately, I was just a copy I really disappointed from their Product because I bought it from 2499 PKR But it was Just for a copy which I paid for…!

According to their Description it will charge a single mobile 8 times. But it was totally fake because it only charged my 2500mAh Mobile just for twice and finally drops its Capacity from 70% to 10%.

That was my first and worst experience of online Shopping ever. I told my issue to their Support team but they completely denied to refund my money.

Be Careful While you Shop

So dear Friends When it comes to online shopping you have to be very careful while shopping. but thanks to Eleven.pk who changed this Worst Shopping to Happy Shopping, I mean that their service and Products are Very Reliable and Good. So now in this time, the E-commerce Business is much better than compared to Previous Years.

Now in the Revolution in Online Shopping, by the Big Shopping Giants like Amazon and Ali Express which introduced and offered Affiliate Programs in All over the World. Now it’s much Faster and Much Reliable to order Online Products.

Compare the International Delivery Cost

The Amazon is the World largest Shopping Product with Million of Products and Shipping All across The World. It was very difficult to import products from outside the Country in Previous Years but thanks to Amazon And Ali Express because they are offering Worldwide shipping at very Cheap Delivery Cast.

What is a Power Bank and what can they charge?

They are comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy and then later use it to charge up a mobile device.

This is simply the definition and you know the crazy thing, that they have become very popular because the battery of our phones, tablets are Completely outstripped by the amount of time we spend using them each day, yes that sounds crazy but its true in every sense.

The Mobile Accessories Which now I a going to discuss with you are Extremely good for almost any USB-charged devices. Cameras, MP3 players, smartphones and even some tablets can be charged from a it.


Yes, as the demand is increasing day by day, so now they are coming in many variations or types, there are 2 types of External charger available at Online Shopping Portals.

1. Universal 

2. Solar-Charged. They have photo voltaic panels which can trickle-charge the internal battery when placed in sunlight But the drawback of the solar-charged power bank is that it is not capable of fast charging

3. Older-style battery phone case. These type of power banks are mostly used in the market because they are very light in weight and also these banks have handy grips as well.

They have a dedicated input socket for receiving DC power. This DC power can come to your computer, But as you know that Computer Charges devices slowly but if you need to charge faster you have to use a socket adapter.

Continuously check the manual for particular directions in case you’re not ready to discover an obviously stamped input attachment. Now I am going to show you the Best Power Banks of 2018.

Best Power  Banks of 2019

  1. Romoss 25000 mAh

Romoss_25000 mAh
Here’s we have no 1 on our list is Romoss Power Bank, The Romoss 25,000 mAh Comes with unique Design and a Massive Storage Capacity of 25000 mAh. Yes, it’s totally Insane like which online shopping Website is providing this Giant Capacity of 25000 mAh.

I think due to its 25000 mAh Storage Capacity it is on our top list. Now its time to explore its Specification, But before I explore its specification to you let me tell me you something, So Friends To be honest with you, I am using this Romoss 25,000 mAh since 3 Months and Trust me this the Best Power Bank I have Ever used.

Mean its huge Charging Capacity helps me charge my Cell phones more than 12 times in its Single Charge, yes that’s insane and totally crazy.

3 Charging Ports

Let me Ask You one thing Friends..! How many USB Charging Port have you seen in Power banks? May I guess it is 1 or 2, but this Giant has 3 Charging Port. Yes, Just Triple Output with the Capacity of 25000 mAH You have the option of charge 3 devices at a single time Simultaneously.

The best part of this Romoss 20,000 mAh is that it has Sync Charge Function, it literally means It can be charged and charge your device at the same time… I think that’s the best part of this Product. The Romoss Master-Piece is the Combination of Latest technology.

Yes, I am Absolutely right because it has many Function like it will Provide you an Overcharge Protection, Offensively we saw that low Qualities Mobile Batteries are unable to hold overcharge and causes serious Damage to you, It will also provide Over output Power Protection and High current Protection.

    2. Ace Power bank 20,000 mAh

What do we have on number 2?  Yes, it’s Ace Powerbank 20,000mAH. A perfect Bank for your Hand Bag and Pocket. The Best Thing of this Charger is that it’s very Slim in Size, its A perfect Match for Men to carry it in their Pockets.

Isn’t sounds Crazy that how it is Possible to Hold up to 20,00mAh Charge in this tiny Body, but the Answer is, this is True because this Beautiful Slim Design Power bank is Made up with Latest Technology Battery Cells these cells are Tiny in shape but Giant in Storage Capacity.

The Beautiful Ace 20,000 mAh is made by using solid and top-notch materials. It highlights 2 Charging USB ports, 1 lightning input, and Micro-USB Charging input.

Double yield configuration makes it simple and helpful to stimulate your Charging Devices like Mobile Tablets and Everything.

Receiving 0.3mm thick battery steel shell for the ACE battery, it is more steady and more secure with assurance against effect and spillage.

  3. ASUS Power Bank 10,000 mAh

The Brand New Asus , As everyone has the idea about ASUS. ASUS is the Hardware and electronic Company. Which Manufactures quality Electronic most of their Electronics are Laptop, Mobiles, tablets and Mobile Accessories.

ASUS has Now Successfully Launched its Charging Banks which are extremely Good in Quality. As ASUS Always wants to Deliver the best and always tries to manufacture quality Product for its customers.

As ASUS is a multinational company so its Products are worthy, That’s why Many Websites in Pakistan have imported Quality Products. But due to its good Company Profile and Good Quality Products, these  are little Expensive but not to worry because Eleven is bringing you these at Very Reasonable Cost.

Its smooth outline, energetic hues, and consideration regarding points of interest is the thing that makes it a Master piece. It is Available in Black, Golden, Silver and Pink Colour.

   4. Romoss Power Bank 20,000 mAh

Nowadays. The demand for Romoss 20 is increasing day by day due to its Good Quality and Latest Technology. Here’s We Gonna Talk About Romoss 20,000.

It’s Quite simple and slim in Design, The Romoss 20,000 mAh Power bank is appropriate for all sort of cell phones Electronic Devices and tablets. Its quality body and great reinforcement make it not the same as other power banks.

Regardless of whether you are on an excursion for work or voyaging or in a hands-on workshop, this romoss The Romoss 20,000 mAh will never let you out of charge the best Part of the Powerbank is that its Slim in Shape and it Contains A Digital Percentage Indicator on its Top.

5. Aibocn 10,000mAh (Ipad + iPhone)

Aibocn is one of the Best Power bank for Your Ipad and Apple Smart Phones, Exquisite and portable, Mini size but the high capacity of 10,000mAh.

Unique Anti-Fingerprints design, more clearly on its surface when you hold it in any places. It does not show A percentage but it has a Dotted Light Indicator to show remaining Charge. Its also have a Mini Torch which you can use it while camping or at any other Emergency Situations.




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